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William Anthony Rogers   

Urbanology Systems, LLC is informed by the insights gained by William Anthony Rogers in his various capacities as: Executive Director of the Department of Urban and Governmental Affairs at The City College of New York; Vice President and Board Member of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce; Co-Founder of Harlem Week (the largest annual multicultural event in the United States); Goju Karate Master (Black Belt); Jungshim Ki Energy Master (Suhn Ki is a 6,000 year-old Korean healing art); Community Activist (whose early activities included being a member of the Black Panther Party).


The Urbanology Systems, LLC mission is framed by the belief that the new civil rights movement is defined by the economic development of multicultural urban communities. An important part of this process involves providing these communities with the information they need to succeed, in a form they trust and accept.

Our main product is information. Information that inspires individuals in urban communities to recognize their own potential for improving the quality of their lives, particularly in the areas of Health, Housing, Entrepreneurship, and Arts & Entertainment. Experience and insight have convinced us that the most powerful motivator of multicultural communities is an inspiring vision of their own potential as achievers.

The most effective way for visionary multinational corporations to reach the minds and hearts of these unique communities, and thus tap into the profitable marketing opportunities these communities represent, is through helping them realize that potential.


URBANOLOGY SYSTEMS, LLC will build market share for our clients by promoting better communication between our clients and unique-community markets by developing and executing relationship marketing strategies that “Embrace & Engage” those target markets. You can experience this process. Tune into Urbanology: The Art Of W.A.R. (William Anthony Rogers)every Tuesday between 4-5 P.M. on WHCR 90.3 FM. And use US—Urbanology Systems, to leverage the new paradigm of multicultural marketing through the power of connectivity.

Tune in at 90.3 FM or listen live every Tuesday between 4-5 P.M. by clicking on the WHCR logo above or going to


Our Clients

Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce
Harlem Tourism Board
Renaissance Hotel Harlem
Soul City TV
Harlem Community Newspaper
New Breed Life Arts


Tel: 917 821-7099

40 West 116th Street, suite A805

New York, N.Y. 10026



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